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Sector Land and industrial vehicles

A sector at the heart of environmental concerns and challenges

ABMI: the only recognized partner for designing/industrializing a rolling basis

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A revolution underway

Decarbonization and automation are the sector’s priorities

In the land & industrial vehicles sector, two large-scale revolutions are underway.

The first concern is decarbonizing the industry. Depending on the type of vehicle, technology is classified into two subsectors: the “electric” subsector, which has profoundly reduced vehicles’ mechanical complexity and the “hydrogen” subsector. Both subsectors require profound changes to their support infrastructures (electrical or hydrogen recharging stations) and provided that their energy production is itself decarbonized, the vehicles produce very little greenhouse gas while drastically reducing emissions of other polluting gases and fine particles.

The second revolution relates to “self-driving” vehicles. Increasing automation, fleets of self-charging vehicles: these technologies are profoundly changing jobs and use cases.

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ABMI understands its clients and is accordingly implementing the developments required

Today, ABMI is focusing on designing a complete rolling platform and designing/industrializing specific subassemblies, with a recognized specialism in industrial and military vehicles

ABMI allows you to have a single partner

Client needs are what guides our developments.

While ABMI began in the automotive sector, today we focus on designing a complete rolling platform, and designing/industrializing specific subassemblies. With a recognized specialism in industrial and military vehicles: lorries, armoured vehicles, with its co-contractors ABMI can design and deliver single prototypes or the first in a series. Beyond its mastery of vehicle dynamics, ground liaison, design/industrialization of mechanical components, the engine environment and motorization, assembly steps, and ventilation/isolation, ABMI is experienced in electrification and designing self-driving motorized subassemblies.

Also specializing in designing/industrializing cutting-edge equipment with particular suppliers, AMBI’s teams offer a full range of skills in industrial vehicle engineering.

ABMI’s hallmark is understanding clients’ needs to guide developments. This allows us to meet the needs of clients who are not professionals but need an expert to develop their offer and their contracts. With its various co-contractors and subcontractors, ABMI allows you to have a single partner for design/industrialization for the rolling basis that you need.

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