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Rail facilities have large-scale infrastructure needs

ABMI: a key player in the world of rail for more than 15 years

This sector is one of the key routes to a carbon-free world and so limiting climate change from greenhouse gas emissions.

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A major challenge: transporting more using less energy!

A growing rail sector should be able to reinvent itself to handle increasingly urban and dense French and European networks.

TGVs have made France’s rail sector one of its international calling cards. This sector is undoubtedly one of the key routes to a decarbonized world and so limiting climate change from greenhouse gas emissions. The main challenge is size: simultaneously transporting large groups of people and freight using relatively little energy.

Rail facilities, however, have large-scale infrastructure needs: tracks, stations, tunnels, underground stations, etc.

Automated driving and line operation is sophisticated, and needs specialized skills and expertise often grouped under the term “signalling”.

Developing fully automated lines, or automating existing ones, calls for innovative approaches.

Deux trains en attente dans une gare TGV

Listening, understanding, agility, and fully leveraging our know-how makes our commercial and technical teams trustworthy and totally committed partners

ABMI teams have been active in the rail sector for over 15 years. It is a growing sector facing many challenges. ABMI is there to meet these new challenges, whether in “infrastructure” or “signalling”, rolling stock, or through Efficacity, the Research and Development Institute for City energy and ecological transition.

ABMI has been active in the rail sector for almost 15 years. Our teams mainly work on new SNCF and RATP projects in “infrastructure” and “signalling”, as well as on rolling stock.

ABMI is also involved in critical components such as catenary. ABMI has designed landing doors and offers an instrumentation service for these landing doors and pantographs for better understanding ageing effects.

ABMI is also a founding member of Efficacity, the leading public/private enterprise bringing together actors from industry and state research. ABMI contributes to its research on new stations and integrating them into cities.

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