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Nuclear energy: an exceptional French industry. recognized worldwide

ABMI: a key player in the sector

A miracle energy source with no environmental impact has yet to be found. In the meantime, nuclear energy can play an important role in managing climate change.

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A pragmatic, nuclear approach

Nuclear energy is a French industry recognized worldwide.

The attraction of nuclear energy is its ability to produce large amounts of high-quality electrical energy in a particularly stable and regular manner, all while emitting little to no greenhouse gases.

The first hurdle is the vital initial investment and the technical constraints of the range of standards to be met.

The standards are in place to ensure that in the unlikely event of an accident, the environment and population are protected (mainly by confinement) and that there are enough containment measures in place to avoid a disastrous series of consequences (lessons learned following Fukushima).

Beyond the type of facility being designed and installed, and mostly outside the scope of standards and even the “project” role, the other difficulty lies in treating and managing nuclear waste over a time period far longer than usual for humanity.

Our many nuclear implementations and projects reflect our strong position in the sector

Understanding standards and challenges, safety on the ground, agility in forming teams and offering solutions, and listening both to project and human needs are all our watchwords for these projects.

ABMI: a long-standing key player for diversified activity

ABMI has been a stakeholder in the French nuclear sector since 2004.

In that year we created our Local Research Bureau in Tours for CNEPE while carrying out study packages and as a member of Sofinel (now Edvance) through its joint ventures on OL3, FA3, Taishan and Hinkley Point C. The general installation teams began work on EPR2 in 2018.

Today, ABMI has diversified its nuclear activities to include Infrastructure, General installation, designing specialized machinery, and overseeing the production and delivery of specific tools.

ABMI is following its clients’ lead in developing its nuclear engineering service in Lyon in order to support Edvance projects on EPR2 in Bristol (UK) for the HPC project.

Our engineering work covers: static mechanical equipment (exchangers etc.), rotating machines, handling / hoisting, HVAC, Nuclear ventilation, pipes, taps, pressurized nuclear equipment, electrical engineering, control/command, instrumentation, civil engineering, geotechnical studies, VRD and also general installation.

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