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Sector Environment and Renewables

ABMI is ready to work towards the goals for 2050

The environment and renewable energy are our key concerns

It is our duty to diversify energy production while reducing dependence on fossil fuel markets

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Engineers leading the way!

The challenge is meeting exponentially-growing worldwide energy needs while ensuring sustainable energy production

Renewables – wind, solar, hydroelectric, ocean, geothermic, biomass, as well as biofuels – are fossil fuel alternatives that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The goal set for 2050 is to reduce global emissions by 40 to 70% compared to 2010 and to develop an essentially carbon-neutral economy within the 21st century.

Renewables have a crucial role to play in meeting these goals and should represent 40% of electricity production by 2030, the challenge being to diversify energy production while reducing dependence on fossil fuel markets.

The field faces technical, economic and political challenges that industry and our engineers have to tackle. ABMI is drawing on its technical expertise (electrical engineering, control-command, commissioning, supply chain, etc.), its variety of skills including Digital (Big Data, Cybersecurity, etc.), and its long-standing work in energy to serve as a key technological partner for owners and industry in the sector.

In this sector, ABMI will be able to:

  • Devise, design, construct, and activate renewable power infrastructure
  • Devise, design and deploy new models in infrastructure operation and maintenance phases
  • Integrate renewables for greater energy efficiency in urban environments and decarbonizing transport
  • Integrate new components (Hydrogen etc.) in new energy production methods and reduce the carbon footprint of industrial sites


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