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Sector Aerospace

A sector strongly impacted by the COVID crisis in aeronautics, but less so in space:growing challenges put these sectors at a crossroads.

ABMI: a preferred partner in aerospace

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A sector facing many challenges!

After the crisis, there are two major issues: continually improving today’s aircraft systems (better aerodynamic performance, disruptive materials, etc.), and developing carbon-neutral propulsive systems

The worldwide success of Airbus has made an aeronautics subsector that is exceptional in France and in Europe. The space subsector centred around the CNES / Ariane Group has kept its skills at the highest level despite competition from private American newcomers. Rafale’s success in exporting Dassault Aviation has also contributed to this excellence in the key area of Defence.

The civil aeronautics subsector has made changes in response to criticisms relating to greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, the challenges today revolve around two major topics: first, continuously improving today’s aircraft systems with better aerodynamic performance and better motors as well as the arrival of disruptive materials (based on aluminium, composites and thermoplastics) and second, developing carbon-neutral propulsive systems (electric, hydrogen, etc.)

The space sector, however, seems to have avoided the crises. While launchers are undergoing a series of revolutions, the price of access to terrestrial orbit is plummeting! Space applications via satellites seem to have incredible development prospects, with specialisms including Earth observation and communications.

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AMBI provides a complete solution for industry.

ABMI has supported most large contractors for many years both in France and internationally. From technical expertise in materials or product design issues to implementing technical facilities in product engineering, process engineering, supply chain or quality management, ABMI meets the challenges of innovation, productivity and remaining competitive.

ABMI has been active in aerospace for more than 15 years. We work in design/industrialization of satellites and equipment embedded in satellites.

We also work very actively with Airbus in production activities. In particular, in “supply” and “quality management” activities.

From Pau to Charleroi (Belgium), via Amiens, Nantes, Rochefort, Toulouse, Tours and Paris, our teams are everywhere in the sector.Though our “supply, quality management and industrial performance” service, we specialize in aeronautic industrial performance.

Our “design/industrialization” teams are work with aerospace equipment throughout France.

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