About ABMI

Engineering Multi-Specialist

We are A multi-specialist engineering firm providing key solutions for transport, energy, health and consumer goods and products.

We are An agile and reliable solutions provider for our clients’ engineering needs. With their passion and commitment to understanding and meeting challenges, our teams let our clients concentrate on their tasks and goals. Together, our technical teams and our clients succeed again and again using intelligence and pragmatism to face the engineering problems in the world today. Our clients come across new challenges all the time and together, we engineer concrete solutions to them. It’s in ABMI’s DNA to go with you every step of the way with engineering, to launching new products, starting up new facilities, and activating new infrastructure. Our teams love designing disruptive solutions as much as they love seeing them become a reality.

We are A team of men and women engaging with our clients’ problems, developing customized methods and prioritizing project results and management.

We are long-standing partners of many key actors in their sector, from start-ups to large groups, and have been for 35 years.

Today, we love using our skills to change the world: a sustainable and efficient way of preserving life on Earth.

We are or we aim to be No. 1 or No. 2 in all ofour specialisms.We aim to share our energy with all clients facing the challenges of the world today.

We are ABMI!

Key figures

Branches in France
Over 150
Satisfied clients
Passionate employees

Our story

  • The future


    The group will keep withstanding the crisis and maintain all of its strategic sites. The best is yet to come!!!

  • ABMI opens its first agency in the United Kingdom

    Nov 2021

    ABMI opens its first agency in the United Kingdom in order to export its expertise in nuclear power, alternative energies, aeronautics, medical, etc. to a new territory.... In the nuclear sector, ABMI UK will be an opportunity to strengthen the group's collaboration with EDF on its export projects. In the field of aeronautics, our new agency will be able to support its historical partner AIRBUS GROUP on its current programs and those under development for a greener and decarbonized aviation sector.

  • ABMI acquires Rtone, an Internet of Things frontrunner based in Lyon

    Déc 2020

    Rtone combines with ABMI’s product engineering department, making a turnover of €6.5m ($7.5m) in 2020. The new organization has 50 employees and is fast becoming one of the leading French providers of externalized engineering for intelligent products. The aim is to double in size in 3 years and generate a turnover of around €15m ($17m).

  • Acquisition


    On 20 December 2018, the Group is acquired by OMNES Capital and senior executives. Vincent Coënt, involved in the Group since 2010, becomes CEO and forms the Executive Committee from existing General Managers and external hires. The acquisition marks a new chapter in ABMI’s history, while keeping the strengths in its DNA: its teams’ technical passion, its trademark commitment to projects and its closeness to its Clients. In a world where new actors appearing, ABMI continues to follow its mission: making its Clients’ dreams a reality.

  • Divestment from trading and assembly activities


    From 2016 – 2017, ABMI reduces and then totally divests from its activities in trading (buying and selling material) and assembly. The reduction, then divestment from these activities made sense, and allowed the Group to refocus its resources on its true calling: engineering (industrial products, manufacturing processes, and facilities).

  • Diversification


    AMBI expands its “trade” services in “Industrial Facilities Engineering” and so acquires ICCI. The Group’s engineering service now covers the areas of order automation and control, in particular for the energy and water treatment markets.

  • Expansion


    Hoping to fast-track its development by gaining a foothold particularly in Aeronautics, Energy and the Environment, ABMI opens new regional branches (Toulouse, Nantes, etc.) while expanding through targeted acquisitions. SYNERTECH (2002), ESSAIR (2003) and ATECI (2006) now join the Group.

Our strengths

Little hierarchical structure, all doors are open and everyone provides their input and expertise.
Recognized, engaged and passionate technical advisers.
One manager to 10 consultants.
Business units and engineering centres for optimal added value.
Our constant ambition to be or stay No. 1 in our areas from our methods and solutions and/or by acquiring businesses with cultures and ambitions similar to ours.
Une équipe de collaborateurs joyeuse, en brain storming.

Our commitments / our values

ABMI is a team of men and women engaged with our clients’ problems, developing customized methods and prioritizing project results and management. Our drive for client satisfaction and quality always involves respecting our values and our guidelines adopted at all levels of the company.

Vincent Coent
ABMI - Certification iso 9001

Our Certifications

Since the beginning of the year 2000, the ABMI group has been committed to a Quality approach in order to ensure that its clients' projects are carried out in compliance with ISO 9001 certification.

This approach has enabled some of its legal entities to obtain both normative and customer certifications (ISO9001, EDF UTO, QN100, etc.). This is why, during the transformation of the ABMI Group in 2019 and 2020, this approach was deployed throughout the group and thus, since February 2022, all ABMI Group establishments are ISO 9001 certified and establishments historically anchored in the aeronautics sector are also EN 9100 certified.

The safety of all our employees is also our top priority, which is why our activities under ionising radiation as well as those on industrial sites have also been placed under CEFRI-E and MASE certification

Cefri certification
Pierrelatte and Saint Avertin branches
Mase certification
Pierrelatte branch
ISO 9001
EN 9100

ABMI is committed

An award-winning CSR policy!

logo EcovadisABMI - Médaille d'or Ecovadis

We were very proud to be awarded a gold medal in the #Ecovadis 2021 rankings for our exceptional work in environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement with a score of 66/100.

Abmi, Ecovadis global scoreAbmi, Ecovadis score details

*EcoVadis assesses businesses on environmental, labour and ethical performance. It also gives advice on how to become even more sustainable.

All of our teams have worked every day to make ABMI more community-minded, responsible and equal. This wonderful result motivates us every day to continue offering global and most importantly environmentally friendly solutions! We will keep striving for excellence in 2021 and beyond.

ABMI has signed the Global Compact

ABMI has committed to respect the Global Compact charter and has accordingly created a detailed and comprehensive ethics charter.

Les dix principes du global compact des nations unis illustré en français