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More than the relevance of the competencies (know-how and interpersonal skills) possessed by ABMI’s consultants, who joined us to form a joint STELIA-ABMI team sharing the same aims, it is the responsiveness, availability and transparency of our exchanges, along with the ABMI manager’s relationship of trust and proximity, that enable continuous improvement of our suppliers’ performance levels, in order to contribute to our client commitments.


Grégory H. - Cabin Interior Business Line / Quality Supply Chain Manager


Because the project cycle was extremely short for the Business & First Class Seat products (12 to 24 months between client orders and delivery), the various programme milestones are very tight.
STELIA AEROSPACE is the final actor in the assembly of basic parts, sub-assemblies and equipment, so the Quality Supply Chain teams play an essential role in preparing suppliers to comply with the client's quality requirements and milestone deadlines.
Quality Supply Chain plays a central role in the project team and provides the interface between STELIA AEROSPACE and its suppliers.
How to ensure that client quality requirements are passed on to each of its suppliers? How to limit the impact of Non-Compliances in a challenging economic environment with short production deadlines? How to support its suppliers in managing its priorities, between parts being developed (FAI milestones) and serial production parts (handling of NCs)?
These are the challenges that ABMI's Quality Supply Chain team meets on a daily basis for its client STELIA AEROSPACE.


Proposal of a heterogeneous team of consultants, with varied levels of competency and experience, as well as an essential common thread for the achievement of objectives: to be in phase with the client's values (agility, perseverance and dynamism, with strong teamwork ability).
We are involved from the product development phase (STB Validation, FAI validation), right up to monitoring of the serial production lifecycle (Product/Process Audits, IPCA Audits, surveillance plan and performance analysis, NC handling).
More experienced team members support younger team members in acquiring new skills and competencies.
The whole team is jointly overseen and monitored by a Cluster Leader and Business Manager.


Progressive integration and sustainability (zero turn-over) of new specialised engineers in Quality Supply Chain, with mastery of quality tools (8D – PDCA – Ishikawa – 5P – etc.) as well as experience of working in project mode, supervised and trained for the position by our own teams, and possessing the required interpersonal skills to represent STELIA among its suppliers.
Today, this represents a team of seven dedicated consultants on the Rochefort site.


ABMI has supported STELIA for nearly five years in an environment of strong growth (turnover has increased threefold in four years, with the aim of doubling it between 2016 and 2018). Our teams make a significant contribution to the success of STELIA's deliveries to its clients (100% on-time and on-quality delivery), which maintains client confidence and increases market share in the face of a very competitive environment.

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