How to move the construction of the Flamanville EPR forward while complying with the milestones of this out-of-the-ordinary project? This was the challenge taken up by our ABMI teams who have been working at EDF and Areva subsidiary Sofinel's site from the outset of the project.


We created a multidisciplinary team of experts in civil engineering, pressurised equipment, nuclear mechanics, electricity, automatic control and monitoring and control. Once we had brought together this expertise, our team moved to the Sofinel site to tackle this ambitious project head-on.


No less than thirty ABMI experts are currently working at Sofinel. The team and our client are also backed by our support structure which is constantly available to meet their specific needs. The solution is both customised and scalable and provides resources which are tailored to the needs of the project. We have been able to adjust personnel numbers and consult expertise as and when required to support the various phases of this enormous project which started in 2006.


The start-up date is now approaching. ABMI helped to construct this new-generation power station which showcases French nuclear technical expertise. Backed by this experience and the relationship we have been developing with the client for over ten years, EDF is strengthening its partnership with ABMI. This relationship of trust is a fertile breeding ground for our progress in the energy sector. ABMI is continuing to grow in many nuclear fields.