For many years ABMI has been a major turnkey engineering partner for Nespresso. Developing exceptional products is one of ABMI’s capabilities. What characterises our approach, is to consider that a properly designed exceptional product is the one which is correctly manufactured in one or more factories, using the best methods and the consistency of production required by the largest industrialists. With Inissia, a worldwide success for Nespresso, then Essenza mini and now Essenza Plus, ABMI has perfectly demonstrated its expertise of the complete cycle. From “Marketing brief”, to production and series life, ABMI realizes and takes shape the dreams of its clients, turning ideas into products used with happiness by consumers and users. Since then, successes have continued and many start-ups have hired ABMI’s services. Luxury, automotive, agri-food and medical devices: call on ABMI to make your dreams come true and see them not only on prototypes forms, but in real product controlled in the global market for innovation products.’’

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2014: Product Engineering Department success with Inissia for Nespresso