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“There wasn’t a Caterpillar team and an ABMI team, but one united team. By working together, we were able to overcome the technical complexity of the project involving three new production lines within the allotted time!”

François D. - Caterpillar project manager


How to continue to "produce" excavators in Europe when a similar Chinese earthmoving machine delivered to the Amsterdam port costs 20% less? That is the challenge we faced when helping Caterpillar to keep production at their long-standing site. The aim was to reduce costs but also to enhance structural competitiveness while maintaining the product's intrinsic quality.


While Caterpillar took on the risk of investing to create three new earthmoving vehicle assembly lines, to the tune of 66 million dollars, we helped them rethink the whole assembly and manufacturing process. We made sure that this investment would effectively reduce production costs while improving man-machine interaction in the factory.


We involved 25 consultants over four years as part of a flexible team which adapted to each phase of the project. We started by working with our client to lay solid foundations: technologies, costs, project management, schedule, involvement of production line technicians, etc. Experts in process engineering and industrial facilities then worked together to manage the project, conduct supplier scoping studies for testing during production line start-up, as well as monitor equipment manufacturinge and manage its installation on site.


We believed from the start that by improving the factory and the production facilities' interaction with Caterpillar's technicians, we could come out on top in terms of price competitiveness. After 200,000 hours of studies, monitoring and project management by the ABMI team, all the production lines were delivered on time and on budget. And all of this without disrupting production! Finally, by the end of the renovation, objectives related to production rate and cost reduction were achieved.