Prize for best start-up at the Las Vegas CES 2016 show


How to design a "D-Vine" demonstration machine for tasting wine by the glass at the perfect temperature and oxygenation, tailored to each wine all in under a minute? How to design this home sommelier in order for it to appeal to a wide audience in the different showrooms throughout the world? Our challenge was to provide our engineering expertise very early in the process, while taking into account the commercial and financial issues of a promising start-up. The watchwords were engagement and flexibility.


First of all, we adapted to our client's start-up nature . Then, drawing on our project management experience, we helped them to pace the launch of a new product. Working with 10-Vins, we drew up precise specifications. They then asked us to deliver a prototype in record time. As 10-Vins did not have any revenue, we even took the gamble of entering into a committed partnership. We forewent immediate payment, opting instead for a share of future sales.


Taking a gamble on start-up 10-Vin's project, we pulled out all the stops to make a real impression with this unique machine. We dedicated an ABMI team to the project for 12 months, contracted an expert with a PhD in digital simulation to optimise the wine decanting function and closely coordinated the various partners. We saw this exciting project right through to the production of ten D-Vine demonstration machines. 10-Vins was able to attend the various trade fairs with a machine that spoke louder than any words.


Our daring and management skills paid off. We increased our agility by working with this start-up but above all, it enabled our client to showcase D-Vine, a connected sommelier that revolutionises home wine tasting by the glass, and really win over the market. This innovative product has already made its mark: 10-Vins won the prize for best start-up at the Las Vegas CES in early 2016. And the press has spread the news of this innovation in home wine tasting.